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Jan. 28, 2019:
Open the EVENTS link (top of homepage) for information on a 40+ Stage production being performed on multiple dates in February.  Many thanks to Old Gang member John Hohn who made arrangements last year with the Arts Council and 40+  to offer discounted tickets to Old Gang members. for all 40+ Stage productions.

to the Wachovia Old Gang website  heart This site was launched in 2009 for Wachovians who worked in W-Salem during the 60s, 70s, & 80s, but  Wachovians of other cities during that era are welcome!  If your name is not listed among the Employee profile names, contact Irma Comer @ . Please include when and where you worked for Wachoviakiss  Messages are generally responded to within 24 hours.


"When we are connected to others,
we become better people."
Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture


Jan 8, 2019:  A new album has been added to the Member News link (top of home page)  (you have to be logged on to access this page)

I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Psalm 23:6

Jan. 24:  Jenny Foust died earier this morning, following a long battle with cancer.  See the In memory link (top of home page)

Jan. 29, 2019:  I apologize for the poor quality of this photo (someone needs a new phone)
It was great seeing former Wachovian Ed Jordan in Fitz today.  I've added this photo to the Wachovia/Fitz photo album .  wink


  (109 N. Main St., Kernersville)

  heart  In April 2013, I began an 'after WB job at a popular diner in downtown Kernersville,  Fitz on Main.      My regular days are Mondays, Tues. Thurs & & Saturdays--( I fill in occassioally on Wed & FridaysHours are 7am-1:30pm.  Bring yer cash coz we don't accept cards or checks.  !    When you visit - and for those of you who don't know me - please introduce yourself.  And then be prepared for a photo op.

  In March, 2017,  I  started a Fitz on Main album in the Photo Gallery made up of Wachovia visitors.  Open the link to find out who has enjoyed a Fitz experience!

heart Irma 

Check out this video filmed in Fitz  by WRAL/Raleigh in May 2017:



Jan. 21, 2019:  Congratulations to Jerry Bates on his upcoming (2/1/19) retirement. Here's a portion of his official retirement announcement which was shared internally:

Jerry Bates Retirement In 2019

It’s hard to say good-bye to a great leader and business partner, but it makes it much easier knowing that the person is entering an exciting new phase in life – retirement! Jerry Bates, Manager of the GPS Regulatory Specialties COE, has decided to retire from Wells Fargo in February 2019. J...erry began his Wells Fargo journey in 1985 with the Wachovia Finance group located in Winston-Salem, NC. A few years later, Jerry transferred to a Payroll Manager role leading the Payroll Tax and Accounting team, and he continued in his Payroll career for the next 30 years.

Jerry’s reputation as the consummate professional, providing complex and critical tax leadership that affects all of our team members located in 4,400 tax jurisdictions around the world, is well deserved. He has experienced many changes during his career, which includes several mergers and divestitures, outsourcing and insourcing of payroll, leading various projects during times of change, along with ensuring compliance with our employment tax regulations over his 32 years.

1/7/19 Congratulations to Shirley Clements (Atlanta) on her Dec. 2018 retirement after 47 years of loyal service.

  Congratulations to Vickie Perrell on her 12/31/18 retiremennt.   Vickie joined the bank in 1973.


July 26, 2018
Veronica Black, Dave Cottterill, John Ferguson and Walt Leonard at Walt's SC home.   Thanks to Veronica for sharing this great picture.

July 20:  Love this picture of retirees Jim Black, Russ Stephenson, E. Lindsey Reed (and his wife Virginia), and Kenton McCartney.  Picture was taken by me (Irma laugh)  We had a wonderful 2 hour visit in Lindsey's Raleigh home sharing all kinds of Wachovia stories.   (the one pic that included moi is too blurry to post crying )

May 27:  Many thanks to Joe Thomas for sharing this photo, and caption. 

Enjoyed dinner with Bob and Sally McCoy last night at Farmington Country Club to celebrate (in advance) his 80th birthday. Very fortunate to have his friendship and advice over 25 years at Wachovia, FSVC and Hovde Private Equity Advisory Board. I hope to have his energy and intellect at 80!



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