1-22-11 POC breakfast

Photos contributed by Irma Comer

Jan 22 2011: We had a great turn out for this am's POC breakfast.........

It's hopeful everyone there was caught on camera............and it's also hoped I haven't left anyone off of the guest list below ............


John Medlin

Dave Cotterill

Janet Boyst

Shirley and Ken Fox

Martin and Linda Thomas

Linda Thompson

Veronica Black

Conway Shough

Lynwood Martin

Donna Hutchins

Cheray Hensley

Melanie Rutledge

Donna Hickman

Mary Joyner

Pat Russell

Laura Brown

Diane Bacon

Rhonda Vestal

Sharon Moser

Shirley Johnson

Terry Beck

Gayle Slate

Ken Carpenter

Nan Easter

Denise Teague

Kathy Parker


Irma Comer

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