Aug 20 breakfast

Photos contributed by Irma Comer

It was great to enjoy the fellowship of former and/or current colleagues......... Today's large group has prompted me to do at least 1 key thing differently next time:   Take a GROUP shot before the crowd starts leaving.  My camera was clicking throughout the morning -- and I took about a dozen more than what's posted here (about a dozen were fuzzy for some unknown rason)     I hope other folks w/ cameras will upload their photos and that everyone there winds up in this album.       I was able to get a portion of the group to pose for a pic as we were heading to our cars - which as you may have noted on the home page - is our new 'background' pic.    .


Our guests incuded:

Terry Beck
Pat Blankenship
Wayne Barker
Janet Boyst
Bill Christie
Irma Comer
Art Dunphy
Annette Fuller
Donna Hickman
Donna Hutchens
Shirley Johnson
Gwen & Roc Love
Lynwood Martin
Gail Nelson
Bob Noble
Kathy Parker
Janice Goins Rawlins
Bob Reagan
Dot Robinson
Audrey Searcy
Gayle Slate
Dick Snelsire
Sheryll Strode
Maureen Thomas

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