Breakfast @ Dukes

Photos contributed by Irma Comer

8/16/17:  Message from Bob Edwards:
The attendance was good this morning at Dukes. Attendees:   Benny Bowes, Bob Oakley, Jim Brewer, Dick Bisbee, Paul Edmunds, Bob Harkrader, Bill Horne, John Arfmann, Dave Morton, Pat Wright, and Bob Edwards.


I over heard a few comments;

"Everything hurts, and what doesn't hurt, doesn't work"

"I joined a health club, but I don't go"

"I usually sit in a rocking chair, but I can't get it going"

"My knees buckle, but my belt won't"


My comment was "two signs of growing old, one is you can't remember things, ---huh! ---I forgot the second one"


Bob  󾓦


PS: Mark your calender's, every two weeks from today! Try to attend if you can.