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Old Wachovia logo.

Wachovia Corporation began in 1879 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina as the Wachovia National Bank. In 1911, the bank merged with Wachovia Loan and Trust, which had been founded in 1893. Wachovia grew to become one of the largest banks in the Southeast partly on the strength of its accounts from the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, which was also headquartered in Winston-Salem.[15] On December 12, 1986, Wachovia purchased First Atlanta. Founded as Atlanta National Bank on September 14, 1865, and later renamed to First National Bank of Atlanta, this institution was the oldest national bank in Atlanta. This purchase made Wachovia one of the few companies with dual headquarters: one in Winston-Salem and one in Atlanta.  South Carolina National was acquired in 1991.   In 1998, Wachovia acquired two Virginia-based banks, Jefferson National Bank and Central Fidelity Bank. In 1997, Wachovia acquired both 1st United Bancorp and American Bankshares Inc, giving its first entry into Florida. In 2000, Wachovia made its final purchase, which was Republic Security Bank.

Wachovia's Chief Executives:

Wachovia National Bank 1879-1911: 

1879-1882:  W.F. Bowman

1882-1906:  W. A. Lemly

1906-1911:  James A Gray

Wachovia Loan and Trust Company 1893-1911

1893-1911:  Col. Francis H Fries

Wachovia Bank and Trust Company 1911-

1911-1931:  Col Francis H Fries

1931-1956:  Robert M Hanes

1956-1976:  John F Watlington, Jr

1977- 1993:  John G Medlin Jr

 1994 - 2001: L.M. Baker

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