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April 8, 2019

Recently, I visited LINKEDIN, (the website for jobs, professional profile & networking).  I was interested when seeing a post that offered travel opportunities to Wachovia employees (past, and present Wells Fargo).

Through email, I contacted the originator of the post, Steve Ashworth (not our retiree Steve Ashworth).laugh   Steve is excited to have an opportunity to get in front of the Old Gang.   His initial response to my inquiry is below:

THANK YOU for your inquiry.  I'd be very pleased to have the opportunity to support the Wachovia Alumni Group (and family and friends) with travel services.  I assure the best available pricing and booking incentives for all-inclusive resorts, ocean and river cruises, Disney and land packages - worldwide.





Steve Ashworth & Crew


All-Inclusive Resorts, Cruises and Land Packages

A CruiseOne Agency of the Year

(336) 882-8200
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