Welcome to the Old Gang  (site launched Jan 2009 by Irma Comer)

How the Old Gang was started: (written by Irma)

In mid December, 2008,  as I recalled the months I had spent planning my high school's 35th class reunion held earlier that year  -- a thought occurred to me ---why not apply  the same high school reunion concept to the office.  I first thought about gathering former colleagues from my National Banking , Corporate Banking, and Financial Institutions days, including our Loan Admin and Cash Management friends.    I made a couple of calls to peak interest..  The feedback was both quick, and positive .   I started to compile a list of names of folks from just those areas - but word spread and based on enthusiam/interest and other Wachovians wanted to be a part of our group.   Thus,  this site and all future events are to be enjoyed by all interested former and/or current employees who were part of the bank 'in the good ole days" .   The Old Gang website was launched in an effort to organize our first reunion but to also keep folks connected and informed for an indefinite perod of time .   

  *I receive numerous messages from folks who stumble across this site, or hear about it from others  and are then disappointed that their name isn't displayed among the employee names.   This site is administered solely by me  and by no means displays names of the thousands of folks employed during the 60-80s.  Wachovians from that period of time who find their way to this site but don't see their name listed can (and do) heart send a message thru the Contact Us requesting to be added.  

In May 2009 we held the first Old Gang reunion -- attended by over 200.  It was a fabulous event ---and requests to continue hosting Old Gang events were encouraged.

In Sept 2010 we hosted our 2nd event - attended by approx 125.  Our 3rd event was Oct 2012 --- with approx 80 guests.    In 2019, we hosted another event and enjoyed reconnecting with many folks who had not attended the previous events.    Stay tuned for plans about a 2021 or 2022 5th reunion.

A few site facts:

Click on the Employee profile tab (left of home page) All names with a green check mark indicates that person is a member. You can send private email messages to any member by visiting their profile page.

The Message forum - interactive conversation tool (found to left of the home page)

Photo Gallery:   Lots of pics from past reunions/breakfasts, as well as other varied albums

Member News -- (new as of 2014)  Variety of info on some of our members


Missing Employees:  Folks whose names are on our radar, but in which we do not have an email address

Our Biz or Svcs:  Businesses owned by former or current Wachovians ---or our family members

We welcome any Old Gang member sharing news they would like posted here.  And pictures - we love pictures.  Upload pics to both your profile, and/or one of the albums shown in the Photo Gallery. If you want a new album created - send a quick note to jcomer1@triad.rr.com

2/12/2012: I often hear from members asking how/why they receive " it's xxxx's birthday' or that xxxx has updated their profiles.    One of the set up questions asked as you're joining the site is if you want to receive email notification of members' birthdays, etc.  Some folks inadvertently click yes - and the next thing they know their email is blowing up with multiple/daily messages.    If this is happening to you - here's how to correct:  Click on the Profile Subscription link (under the Member function; left of the home page) and uncheck the names.


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