Share your Wachovia story

Catch My Story Old Gang Memory Book

Dave Holton is excited to have added an opportunity for us to share our Wachovia stories.

Open the above link to Dave's Catch My Story website.  Before creating your own, read Dave's top 3 stories involving John Medlin, Skip Wanders, and Jim Brewer.   Once the site is opened - here's how to get to his stories:

Click on MY BOOK at the top of page
Enter Username:  Oldgang
Enter Password:  Wachovia
Click on PREVIEW
Click on PREVIEW again at the bottom of the page
Now you will see the book cover, Table of Contents, and the 3 stories laugh

When you're ready to write your own story, here's what to do:

1. Open the Catch My Story website
2. From Home page, click MY STORY
3. Enter Username:  Oldgang
4. Enter Password:  Wachovia
5. Click CREATE CHAPTER and type your name in the same box above the Text Editor
6.  Place the cursor in the TEXT EDITOR and start typing. It works like a Word Document.
7. When completed, click SAVE
8. Click PREVIEW. Here is where you will see your story as it will appear in the book with margins and page numbers
9.You will see your name in a column called AVAILABLE CHAPTERS.  Take the cursor and 'drag' your name below the last entry in the SELECTED Chapter column.  This step inserts your story into the book.
10. Click PREVIEW again at the bottom of the page.
11. Here you will see the book cover, Table of Content, and stories from other members.  You can read each story, or click on a specific chapter in the Table of Contents.

If you want to edit your story:
-Click back to the TEXT EDITOR and make your edits.  Click SAVE and then click PREVIEW to see the edits.

If you want to add or edit at a later time:
-Sign in following steps 1-4
-Click on your name in the Chapter box at the top left side of page
-Make your edits and click SAVE
-Follow steps 8-11 above to see your edits.

**A copy of a 2 page document outlining these instructions are included in the links below.  (I'm not sure you can print from the Old Gang website, but you could copy/paste the links to an email or Word document, and print from there.)