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to the Wachovia Old Gang website  heart This site was launched in 2009 for Wachovians who worked in W-Salem during the 60s, 70s, & 80s, but  Wachovians of other cities during that era are welcome!  If your name is not listed among the Employee profile names, contact Irma Comer @ . Please include when and where you worked for Wachoviakiss  Messages are generally responded to within 24 hours.


"When we are connected to others,
we become better people."
Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture



Aug 18:  Saddened by the Aug 15 death of Hans (Skip) Wanders, age 93.  See the IN MEMORY link
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8/17/18:  Open the EVENTS link (top of home page) ---> and then the Young Frankenstein album  laugh








 8/13/18:  This retiree was in Fitz today--and every time I waltzed past him -- I kept thinking "I should  know this guy"  But it was Fitz himself who asked me if I was going to speak to my Wachovia colleague.   David Becker --- I hear you and Fitz are regulars on the golf course.  I'm glad we had an opportunity to throw out a few long-time Wachovia names!  Visit us again!     Irma (David was with WB from 1973 til 2009)

Aug. 5, 2018:  Two new videos added to the Misc. Video link (top of home page) (view the Whistleblower, and Downtown WS albums)

July 26, 2018
Veronica Black, Dave Cottterill, John Ferguson and Walt Leonard at Walt's SC home.   Thanks to Veronica for sharing this great picture.

Our 2012 reunion was a relatively small group - especially compared to the approx 200 who attended our 2009, and the 150 who attended in 2010.  Plans are beginning to get started  to host a large-scale reunion in 2019 , Before the first planning meeting, we'd love to get an idea of your interest in attending.  Please flood my email box with your replies.
 Many thanks.   Irma

July 26, 2018 - announcement from Beverly Robinson:

Our daughter, Dr. Carmen T. Robinson, is a Family Medicine Physician at the Novant Family Medicine office, 6301 Stadium Drive, Suite 500, Clemmons, NC 27012! We're so happy to have her here in North Carolina!

July 2018:

Quote  below is from Bill Bardin. The picture is Bill, with his motorcycle riding brother Bob Bardin.   (Bill is on left)
"At a time when there is so much hate and division, hopefully we can agree to ride together through respect for each other"


July 20:  Love this picture of retirees Jim Black, Russ Stephenson, E. Lindsey Reed (and his wife Virginia), and Kenton McCartney.  Picture was taken by me (Irma laugh)  We had a wonderful 2 hour visit in Lindsey's Raleigh home sharing all kinds of Wachovia stories.   (the one pic that included moi is too blurry to post crying )


July 26:  Police departments across the US are participating in a LipSync challenge.  How fun would it be to see some Old Gang members get creative and create--->then share their videos on this site.  If you'r up for the challenge --- add your video to the Misc. video link (displayed to the left of the home page)


Here's some new, yet OLD news.  Thanks to Bob Edwards for forwarding info on a 1991 race that involved a # of Wachovians.

Attachments: Runner Bob Edwards, and a group picture of Wachovians that ran in the Peachtree 10K, July 4th, 1991,

Bob provided the following comments:


. A bus load of Wachovia Runners from WS, and other cities, joined in with a group of Wachovians in Atlanta (1st Atlanta)

The best part of the race was when it was over. I have never been so darn hot in my life. There were over 40,000 runners! It took us 30 minutes to get to the starting line after the race started. We ran 6.2 miles across Atlanta and had to ride "Marta" back to the starting place. It was one heck of an event and we had fun. Don't remember the names of all Wachovians on the bus.


May 27:  Many thanks to Joe Thomas for sharing this photo, and caption. 

Enjoyed dinner with Bob and Sally McCoy last night at Farmington Country Club to celebrate (in advance) his 80th birthday. Very fortunate to have his friendship and advice over 25 years at Wachovia, FSVC and Hovde Private Equity Advisory Board. I hope to have his energy and intellect at 80!


  Congratulations to Diane Black on her recent retirement.  Diane joined the bank in 1984, and retired April 6 , 2018 from Investment Banking Mergers & Acquistions.


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