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  • Bowman Gray Stadium Racing – .   In 2010 with the airing of the HISTORY Channel’s show MADHOUSE about several of the modified drivers are BGS, I was asked by the young rookie on the show, Jonathan “Jon Boy” Brown, to be his PR Manager.   Since then I have helped do PR/Media relations for several drivers in all four divisions there.   This includes writing press releases (I can provide a link to all my articles if anyone is interested), reaching out to potential sponsors in how they can partner with a popular race team at the Nation’s longest running NASCAR sanctioned track.   Anyone or their company that might be interesting in discussing a partnership like this, I would be very grateful to meet with them.   The relationships and networking of a variety of new folks from various industries along with the 15,000+ in attendance every week is starting to really pay off!  One of my drivers should be a future star, if I can help him land some major sponsorship.  He is a local National and World Champion and is only 16, unfortunately his parents are not wealthy and he has had been relegated to racing mostly at BGS only.