Aprl 18 2018 Medlin honor

** Names will be added to all pictures by or before April 22

A luncheon honoring Mr. Medlin was held Wed., April 18  at The Old Town Club in Winston-Salem.   Wells Fargo, Reynolds American and Bob Ingram are top sponsors , along with  a number of other sponsors  (including many Wachovians that are familiar to most long-time employees)

.  Proceeds from ticket sales/sponsorships  will go to the John Medlin Free Enterprise Scholarship Fund to create scholarships for kids to attend summer camps to learn about the free enterprise system.  Mr. Medlin has been inducted into the Free Enterprise Heroes at the Helms Center.  Alan & Dick Dickson, T. Boone Pickens and Roger Milliken are some business leaders previously recognized.  Open the Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge doc to learn more