May 31, 2019 email

May 31, 2019

Good morning from my home to yours.  A quick fyi -- for those of you who might have the email address of in your contacts for me - please update that to:

From past experience in having organized 3 Old Gang reunions, as well as several high school reunions, I've learned that many folks  hold off committing to attend until closer to the event date.  Howsabout realizing this is going to be a rare opportunity to reunite with Wachovia family members - and make the commitment now!   Our venue (Hanes Brand Theatre) can accommodate approx 300 folks, and we are hoping for a full house.  Many thanks to those of you who have pre-registered.  

We're looking for various items to be displayed at the reunion.  i.e, photos, Wachovia Magazines, newsletters, etc.   If you have items that we can use, we'll take good care of them and return to you after the event.

Hoping today's message will result in a flurry of registrations!!

Before signing off - if you find yourself @ Fitz on Main (a restaurant), be prepared for a photo op.  If I don't know you, be sure to let me know you're an Old Gang member.  Fitz is located at 109 N. Main St, Kernersville.  Hours 7am - 1:30pm.   

Enjoy the weekend.