6/14/19 email Reunion

Email 'blasted' thru the site 6/14/19:



Good morning all. 

The days come and go quickly- and before you know it, we'll be enjoying fall weather AND an opportunity to reconnect with our Wachovia family.    If you're hoping to attend our October 19 event but haven't yet registered, please consider doing so soon now.  The registration link on the Old Gang website includes a need to let us know if you need a hotel accomodation.  There's a limited number of rooms available - as the furniture market is being held in mid Oct.   (for those of you who have already registered indicating a need for a hotel -- know you're on the 'hotel' list)

Our photographer will be snapping shots throughout our event.  We'll all gather together for a group photo.  There will also be individual department group photos.    When the reunion has come and gone - don't be among those that have regrets for not  being included in the many photos which will capture the fun/fellowship.    REGISTER now via www.wachoviaoldgang.com

**A quick reminder to those of you who occasionally email me.  In mid May, I changed my email provider which prompted a need for a new email.  If you haven't already done so, update your contact info to reflect the new address:  Irma Comer <irmawcomer@gmail.com>

As a final note, I'd love to keep the website updated with news of interest that involve our Wachovia family members.  Unfortunately, the majority of the updates to the site seem to be condolence notices.  Send news my way that can shared.

And let the reunion registrations fly in............


**I was hoping to attach a reunion flyer to this email, but for unknown reasons, am unable to do so.  For those of you who keep in contact with former colleagues who might not be a part of this website, I can send a copy via regular email.  All ya gotta do is message me and request a copy.