Korners Folly/Oct 19/20

Email sent 9/4/2019

Oct 19 or 20th -- Korner's Folly tour afternoon of reunion, or day following reunion


Korner's Folly, Kernersville, NC



Two reasons for today's email:

1) For those of you planning to attend the Oct. 19 reunion, let me know of your interest in touring Kernersville's historic Korners Folly on the day of, or after, our event.   The first link pasted below the picture of the Folly is a recent video tour.  The 2nd link is to the Folly's website.

Edwin Walker (my brother-in-law) is a tour volunteer at the Folly.  His parents (both deceased) were involved for many years with the restoration of this historic home.  Edwin has a genuine love of the house, and loves to share his rich history of the home with groups.

Group sizes are limited to 8.  The tour generally takes 60 to 80 minutes.  Edwin is available to host a tour at 1pm on Saturday, Oct. 19.   He will also be available to host a Sunday, Oct 20,  1pm tour.    While there is a limited number of folks in which Edwin can be the tour guide on these dates, the Folly can invite other tour guides to be available.  I would imagine Group 2 would get started about 10 minutes after the initial group tour is started. 

The cost is $10/per person.  Please let me know of your interest ASAP - as the folks at the Follly will need to be prepared.

2) ****** I'm more excited than before about Oct. 19.  While I had visited the venue (Hanes Brand Theatre) before, during a visit to the venue today it was realized our 'space' encompasses both a large room  on the ground floor (which can accomodate up to 300) - as well as the lobby area,  and an upstairs area.  WE NEED MORE attendees!!!  We have a great group who have already registered - but we'd love to see a flurry of new registrations.   As I've said before, you don't want to be among those on Oct 20 who wish they had attended!   

A quick fyi - you can't reply to this email --- but would need to start a new email to me.
For convenience - my email address is:  

Oh - one last thing.  Several of you have indicated you have Wachovia items that we can display during our event.  You can message me separately to make arrangements to meet, OR you can  drop off your items at the Hanes Brand Theatre  between 12-3pm ON Oct. 19. (the earlier in the day on the 19th the better. We won't have access to the building until noon -- so don't show up earlier than that)  Call or text me first - as the door will be locked, and we likely won't know you're there unless we're in the lobby at the time of your arrival.

See you on Oct. 19!
336 655 7186