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•   Clarence Goings  9/17
•   Catherine Taylor (Moore)  9/17
•   Dick Verrone  9/17
•   Louis Bissette  9/18
•   Cindi Bullard (Johnson)  9/18
•   Kelly Gambill (Norman)  9/18
•   Doug Williams  9/18
•   Steve Cooke  9/19
•   Brenda Diggs  9/19
•   Vernon Garrett  9/19
•   Derrick Puckett  9/19
•   Kathie Sebastian  9/19
•   Debbie Finney (Noffsinger)  9/20
•   Jerry Haymore  9/20
•   Vickie L (Perry)  9/20
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•   Charles Styron  2019
•   Walt Leonard  2019
•   Lindsay Reed  2019
•   Isaiah Tidwell  2019
•   Barbara Moser  2019
•   Iris Fulk  2019
•   Jim Morris  2019
•   Willis Fulton  2019
•   Jim Sapp  2019
•   Milton Price  2019
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to the Wachovia Old Gang website  heart 


This site was launched in 2009 for Wachovians who worked in W-Salem during the 60s, 70s, & 80s, but  Wachovians of other cities during that era are welcome! 

If your name is not listed  contact Irma Comer . Please include when and where you worked for Wachovia.  kiss  Messages are generally responded to within 24 hours.  (Remember this group is primarily for folks who worked at any time during the 60s, 70s, 80s and/or early 90s )


Sept. 15, 2019:  A new entry has been added to the MEMBER NEWS link


Sept 4:  An email was blasted to members of the site. If your copy hasn't been received - please open the "Emails sent to members" link displayed on the left of the homepage.
****** The email sent indicates those of you who have bank items that can be displayed during our Oct. 19 reunion  can drop them off at the Hanes Brand Theatre on Oct 19 between 12-3pm.  Please call or text me when you arrive - as the doors will be locked.  We won't see or hear you if we aren't in the lobby area at the time of your arrival.      Irma  336 655 7186

Sept. 10, 2019:   This former Wachovian knocked on the door at Fitz on Main 'after hours' (we were busy cleaning up)  It was a wonderful surprise to see Ann Stanley.  Be on the lookout for her to begin participating on this site.  smiley




:  Be sure to welcome new members ....and/or watch for profile updates from existing members.   View the profile update box (right of home page) ..names displayed represent either a new member, or someone having updated their profile.  wink



"When we are connected to others,
we become better people."




8/27/2019:  Saddened by the Aug. 26 death of retiree Walt Leonard.  
See the In Memory link (top of home page)  heart  
Aug. 30 edit/update:  Walt's In Memory page has been updated to include an obituary:  Please leave your memories of Walter on his memorial page - and know all comments will be shared with his family.

9/9/2019:  Saddned by the Sept 7 death of Charles Styron (Controller's Dept)   See the In Memory link


Don't miss our Oct. 19 Old Gang reunion!  Register now!  See the Registration link at top of homepage.


 March 27:  For those of you  who  will have a need for a hotel the night of our reunion, please let me know ASAP.  The furniture market will be going on, and  hotels are already being booked.  

Please register early.  It's helpful in many ways to get an idea of the expected number of guests.  heart (the registration includes a question as to needing a hotel)  Let us know of that need by registering now, OR by emailing Irma @
Open the 2019 Reunion news link @ the top of homepage.  Visit often for updates.   heart


  (109 N. Main St., Kernersville) Open Monday-Saturday from 7am to 1:30pm

  heart  In April 2013, I began an 'after WB job' at a popular diner in downtown Kernersville,  Fitz on Main.   It's where to be for good food and fellowship!

*As of Aug. 2019 - my regular days are Tuesday (7am to close), Thurs (8:30am to close), Friday (10:30am to close) and Sat (7am to close)        Bring yer cash coz we don't accept cards or checks.  When you visit - and for those of you who don't know me - please introduce yourself.  And then be prepared for a photo op.  If you visit and I'm not there, ask somebody to call me.  I live 2 miles from Fitz, and could come join you!   wink Irma

Check out this video filmed in Fitz  by WRAL/Raleigh in May 2017:


To the left of the home page - under Member Functions - open the Notify Me link (you have to be logged on for the page to open). Once opened -  there's an instruction on what action you can take to be  notified when updates occur on the site.   i.e, you might want to receive an immediate notification when an employee is added to the In Memory section.   The info displayed is self-explanatory heart

winkPlease take a few minutes to review your profile for any changes that you might want to make.  heart