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to the Wachovia Old Gang website  heart This site was launched in 2009 for Wachovians who worked in W-Salem during the 60s, 70s, & 80s, but  Wachovians of other cities during that era are welcome!  If your name is not listed among the Employee profile names, contact Irma Comer @ . Please include when and where you worked for Wachoviakiss  Messages are generally responded to within 24 hours.


"When we are connected to others,
we become better people."
Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

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 Bob Edwards, thanks for forwarding this great photo taken June 20 of the Wachovia/Duke's breakfast gang.

(The picture will be  easier to see from the Photo Gallery  (log-on and open the Photo Gallery link at the top of the home page)  

Starting from left:
John Ferguson, Bob Harkrader, John Arfmann, Benny Bowes, Pat Wright, Bill Horne, Bud Verner (trying to hide), Rudy Oates (standing), Jim Brewer, Dick Bisbee, Bob Edwards, Dave Morton, and Dave Cotterill




Prayers to the Draper and Bohannon families.  Pam Bohannan's sister, Vicki Draper, died June 7.  Hayworth Miller is serving the family.



June 12:  Open the EVENTS link pasted below for information about an auction of personal items that had belonged to retiree Jane Price.   Jane was an avid collector of pottery from Seagrove, and the Toe River Artist in the Spruce Pines area. Many antique items are also included in the auction. Thanks to Jane Fisher for sharing this info.






6/6/18: A great group of retirees enjoying breakfast and fellowship. 
On the left: Pat Blankenship, John Arfmann, Benny Bowes, Bud Verner,Jim Brewer, and Bill Horne.
On the right" John Ferguson, Pat Wright, Bob Edwards, Dick Bisbee, and Bob Harkrader
  Thanks to Bob Edwards for forwarding this photo.

Sharing a 6/6 post from Stokes County Schools. Congratulations  to Ida on yet another retirement!

Stokes' post:
Ida Marshall, Southeastern Middle School Nutrition Program is retiring after 14 years of service. In her 78 years, Ida has worked a total of 54 years in all that included Wachovia and Sealtest. Her secret to success in the workplace are:teamwork, having a good attitude and doing your very best work.

May 27:  Many thanks to Joe Thomas for sharing this photo, and caption. 

Enjoyed dinner with Bob and Sally McCoy last night at Farmington Country Club to celebrate (in advance) his 80th birthday. Very fortunate to have his friendship and advice over 25 years at Wachovia, FSVC and Hovde Private Equity Advisory Board. I hope to have his energy and intellect at 80!


  Congratulations to Diane Black on her recent retirement.  Diane joined the bank in 1984, and retired April 6 , 2018 from Investment Banking Mergers & Acquistions.


Video of John Medlin talking about what made Wachovia great:

May 5:  Skip Wanders recently returned to his residence after spending a few days in the hospital.  For those wanting to send Mr. Wanders a hello greeting - he resides @ Arbor Acres in WS (1240 Arbor Rd, WS 27104)

May 14:  howdy to all from Gary Trapp, George Paynter, Pat Blankenship, Irma Comer, and Bob Regan.  Lunch @ Fitz on Main in downtown Kernersville, 5/14/18

April 18, 2018: 
Slideshow with a few pictures from the 4/18 luncheon honoring John Medlin.

The photos can also be viewed by opening the Photo Gallery link (top of home page). 

enlightenedThe video which was seen by guests at the luncheon can be viewed by opening the link below:



40+ Stage Company is looking for volunteers---actors, directors, designers, costumers, tech crews, lighting crews, props crews, painters, builders, teachers....

Don't fit into those categories? Consider joining our Guild. We need ushers, house managers, party planners, decorators, cooks, bartenders, folks to helpl distribute posters, brochures, show cards....

Become a 40 Plus-er, get involved, and stay engaged. Theatre Inspires and energizes! Join the 40+ team.

Visit their website:

**2 of our Old Gang members are part of this organization.  John Hohn is the Board Chair (and co-founder)  Forrest Childers is on the Board of Directors.



Please share your news....................

We need your news!  Send news our way to be shared with your Wachovia family.  Share your stories/adventures/new family member announcements/weddings/joys/sorrows.    Entries willl be added to the MEMBER NEWS link (top of the home page)       heart  Email through the "Contact Us' link (left of the home page), or emailing Irma directly @


Bill Hamlet, I'm taking the libery of sharing this photo, and your caption, that was on Facebook earlier today.   You each 'look ma-va-lous'. 

10/10/17:  Enjoyed a great day of golf and catching up with good Wachovia friends this past Wednesday. Andy Burns generously hosted us at Old Chatham Golf Club near Raleigh. Andy, Jack Clayton and Ken Clark (all of them looking entirely too young and healthy.)Bill Hamlet

Oct. 12, 2017:  Bill Hamlet shared this great pic of veteran Wachovians.   Sam Moss visiting w/ Rajana Clark and Luz Urutia in San  Francisco.



Duke's Restaurant, 4875 Country Club Rd., W-Salem

If you're up early on Wednesday mornings and head to Duke's -- you're likely to see some of your Wachovia family.  Every other Wed., a crowd meets  for breakfast @ 7:30.   A couple of pictures have been added to the "Wachovia gathering' album in the Photo Gallery link (top of home page). Scroll thru the pics for the photos which were shared by Bob Edwards.   

Dates for the next several breakfast club meetings @ 7:30am:  July 12, July 26, Aug. 9, Aug 23, Sept. 6; Sept 20 

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