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•   Ed Hutchins  8/5
•   Rhonda Law (Russell)  8/5
•   Jim Monroe  8/5
•   Pam Harrell  8/6
•   Doug Hartsema  8/6
•   Sharon Helsabeck  8/6
•   Robyn Hubert ((Frazier))  8/6
•   Bob McCoy  8/6
•   Dianne McDaniel  8/6
•   Jackie Seats  8/6
•   Scott Davis  8/7
•   Larry Kleeberg  8/7
•   Jane Wall  8/7
•   Kathryn Ellis  8/8
•   Richard Miller  8/8
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•   David McQueen  2020
•   Yvonne Crutchfield  2020
•   Bonnie Trippe  2020
•   Roselie Collins  2020
•   Marie Franks  2020
•   Gloria Melton  2020
•   Boris Melnikoff  2020
•   Sam Blythe  2020
•   Frances Cox  2020
•   Ed Baity  2020
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to the Wachovia Old Gang website  heart 


"When we are connected to others,
we become better people."

This site was launched in 2009 for Wachovians who worked in W-Salem at any time during the 60s-80s,  but  Wachovians of other cities during that era are welcome! 

If your name is not listed  contact Irma Comer . Please include when and where you worked for Wachovia.  kiss  Messages are generally responded to within 24 hours.  ( reminder - this group is primarily for folks who worked  in the 60s thru 80s (and/or early 90s )


August 2, 2020:  Prayers to retiree Lana Thompson and her family.  Lana's daughter, Natalie, age 52, died Aug. 1.  Hayworth Miller is assisting the family:


July 25:  Prayers for retiree Frank Justis and his family.   Frank's grandson, Walter Hayden Justis, age 17, died July 20.
Click below for funeral arrangements:


July 22:  Saddened by the July 15 death of retiree David McQueen.  See the In Memory link (top of homepage)

July 23:  Prayers to retiree Annette Bradley and her family.  Annette's husband Carl died July 20.  The link to his obituary is listed below:


July 16:  My apologies for the delay in sharing the somber news of the July 3 death of Jack House, husband of retiree Shirley House.
The link below is his obituary which was in the W-Salem Journal.




 July 17, 2020:  Congratulations to Donna Cole Blackburn on her 4-1-2020 retirement.  Donna enjoyed a 33 year career (1988-2020)


July 17, 2020:
What a pleasure to have an opportunity to chat with retiree Worth Hampton and his wife Amie.
This pic is the most recent to be added to the Wachovia/Fitz  album (see the Photo Gallery link @ top of the homepage)



July 10, 2020:  Send us your news! Help keep this site updated by sharing with your Wachovia family what's happening in your life.  You can share the info by submitting a 'post an announcement', or contact me directly at


April 23, 2020:  Open the Member News link and read about an honor for Joe Crocker   heart



March 28:    No surprise that some talented folks have changed the lyrics of a Queen classic . Open the Misc. Videos link (top of homepage) and click on Coronavirus Rhapsody


Share your favorite Wachovia story/stories by adding a chapter to the Old Gang Memory book.  There are  a few stories by Dave Holton (who launched Catch My Story .  John Murphy has also added a chapter.
Open the Old Gang Memory Book link displayed to the left of the homepage to learn how to 1) create your own story, and/or 2) to read stories published by others.




Nov. 28, 2019 

I was super happy when opening my inbox this am - as an email with the long awaited reunion video was among my messages..
It's a little over 13 minutes --  I especially love the individual interviews!  Open the Wachovia Reunion link below heart

Wachovia Reunion 2019

The photos taken by the photographer are available in the link below  This link is also available within the Photo Gallery )


The photos and video were produced by JT Perceptions:



heartYou can also view these photos by opening the Photo Gallery link (top of homepage), and then opening the  Misc. Wachovia News album (you have to log-on to assess the Photo Gallery link)


  (109 N. Main St., Kernersville) Open

Tuesday-Saturday from 7:30 am to 1:30pm


As of June 9,  in addition to take out orders, Fitz will have inside dining again!  And we're back to our regular hours of 7:30am to 1:30pm, Tuesday-Saturday.

Seating will be at 50% capacity until further notice. 
When picking up your takeout - you can now pick up inside, or continue using our drive thru (at the back door)  Please call  and/or dine in often. Support small business!!
336 992-1824
7:30am to 1:30pm


  heart  In April 2013, I began an 'after WB job' at a popular diner in downtown Kernersville,  Fitz on Main.   It's where to be for good food and fellowship!

Check out this video filmed in Fitz  by WRAL/Raleigh in May 2017:


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