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•   Wayne Todd  2022
•   Hurley Theodore McNeill  2021
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•   Curtis Kirby  2021
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to the Wachovia Old Gang website  heart 

(this group is primarily for folks who worked  in the 60s thru 80s (and/or early 90s )


"When we are connected to others,
we become better people."

This site was launched in 2009 for Wachovians who worked in W-Salem at any time during the 60s-80s,  but  Wachovians of other cities during that era are welcome! 

If your name is not listed  contact Irma Comer . Please include when and where you worked for Wachovia.  kiss  Messages are generally responded to within 24 hours. 

     A new photo was added Jan. 4  to the Wachovia/Fitz photo album (see Photo Gallery link)  .  (the pic is  also posted below -- keep scrolling)
    * Jan. 9:  Scroll to the Retiree clipart - and see which Old Gang member is retiring March 1 after 41 1/2 years.

     Jan. 4, 2022:  Prayers for retiree Wayne Todd.  He was moved to the hospice home in Yadkinville on Jan. 3.  
broken heart
Jan. 17 update:  Wayne passed away Jan. 16.   See the In Memory link.

cryingNew condolence entries added Jan. 6,  Dec. 31st, 24, and Dec.  17.   Scroll down 


January 8, 2022:  It was only yesterday that I learned of the July 2020 unexpected death of Dawn Frankel, wife of Old Gang member Charlie Frankel.  A link to Dawn's obituary is pasted below:




Sept. 20, 2021:  Open the Smithsonian exhibit album in the MEMBER NEWS link (top of homepage)


Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints. 
(Open the In Memory link )

Jan. 6:  It was just learned that retiree John West died in 2020.  An In Memory album has been added which includes his obituary.


Jan. 9, 2022:  Congrats to Kelly Rominger Sullivan who will be retiring March 1 after 41 1/2 years of loyal service.  Love the one sentence that Kelly included on a Facebook post:  "The years that matter most were the first 28; everything after that fails to compare. But they also make it easier to walk away".

Oct. 24, 2021:  Congrats to Melvin Anthony on his Sept 30, 2021 retirement.  43 years of loyal service (started in 1978 in Personal Trust Accounting)

Share your favorite Wachovia story/stories in the Old Gang Memory book (see the Memory book link displayed to the left of the homepage).




MERRY CHRISTMAS from this fine group of Wachovians

Dec. 2021

Standing - left to right:

Charlies McAnalley, Jim Mabry, John Milani, Steve Whitcomb, John Ferguson, David Cotterill, Steve Ashworth, John Appel, Bo Brookby, Bob Reagan, Dick Snelsire, Shields Blankenship (son of Pat)

Seated - left to right:

Gary Trapp, Frank Spence, Richard Roberts, Clayton Boggan, John Loughridge


  (109 N. Main St., Kernersville) Open

Monday-Saturday from 7:30 am to 1:30pm

Jan. 4, 2022:  Enjoyed seeing Gerri and Frank Ahting in Fitz today!     
(Open the Photo Gallery link--->Fitz album for more Wachovia sightings at Fitz)



Sept. 14, 2021:  I was delighted when Gayle Cash Rynes strolled into Fitz on Main this am!  heart


  Please call for take-out,   and/or dine in often. Support small business!!
336 992-1824
7:30am to 1:30pm


  heart  In April 2013, I began an 'after WB job' at a popular diner in downtown Kernersville,  Fitz on Main.   It's where to be for good food and fellowship!

Check out this video filmed in Fitz  by WRAL/Raleigh in May 2017:


heartYou can also view these photos by opening the Photo Gallery link (top of homepage), and then opening the  Misc. Wachovia News album (you have to log-on to assess the Photo Gallery link)

August 2:  Help keep our site updated with news of a varying nature.   Let us hear from you with what's going on in your livessmiley.
Forward info thru the Contact Us link (left of the homepage), or emailing directly to

smileySeptember 2:  A new Message Forum entry was posted Sept 1


Nov. 28, 2019 

I was super happy when opening my inbox this am - as an email with the long awaited reunion video was among my messages..
It's a little over 13 minutes --  I especially love the individual interviews!  Open the Wachovia Reunion link below heart

Wachovia Reunion 2019

The photos taken by the photographer are available in the link below  This link is also available within the Photo Gallery )


The photos and video were produced by JT Perceptions:



To the left of the home page - under Member Functions - open the Notify Me link (you have to be logged on for the page to open). Once opened -  there's an instruction on what action you can take to be  notified when updates occur on the site.   i.e, you might want to receive an immediate notification when an employee is added to the In Memory section.   The info displayed is self-explanatory heart

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